Friday, 31 May 2013

Skint mum does beauty blogging!

I've been following many beauty blogs for just over a year now & I really love reading their individual reviews of products, both high-end & drug store.  But sometimes I sit & ponder on how much money some bloggers must be spending on all these products to do such frequent reviews.
I'm fully aware that a lot of well established bloggers get a fair amount of products gifted or sent to them from PRs for consideration of review but still, their Boots Advantage Cards must get loaded on a monthly basis!!
Please don't read this & think I'm being narky towards beauty bloggers because I'm not at all - quite the opposite in fact, I think I have a touch of the green-eyed monster!!  You see, I'm a stay-at-home-mum (the new way of saying housewife!) to 3 on a very strict budget so as much as I love beauty products & I'd love to be purchasing several a week for reviewing purposes, my circumstances dictate that I just can't do that anymore *cue silent sobbing!*
Unless an item is sent to me specifically for reviewing, I will only ever buy a product that I would've bought for myself to try anyway & 9 times out of 10, it'll be a drug store buy.  Actually, I'm currently trialling 10 products for a well-known publication, 6 of which I wouldn't be able to buy usually because they are waaaay out of my price range.  Once the publication is available to the public, I'll be able to post my results on my blog but I will tell you that while most products I've loved, one I've been allergic to so had to stop using & one I've hated the smell so much, it actually made me nauseous!!
Long gone are those days when I worked as a Beauty Therapist & my bathroom cabinets were full to the brim of high-end's a crying shame beauty blogging wasn't around then, I really would've been in my element! But I'll tell you something, I'm astounded at the progress & improvement of drug-store & budget beauty brands compared to 15, even 10 years ago. There are some fantastic products available now to suit everyone's budget (& some really great dupes too!)  Don't get me wrong though, birthday & Christmas present requests usually include a couple of higher-end cult products that I've been dying to try, heh heh!!
 So just to clarify, I'll never class myself just a beauty blogger...more of a ooooh-look-at-this-I-love/hate-it sort of person! But to be honest, I never started this blog as a beauty blog anyway, it was always my intention for it to be more of a lifestyle/blethering/jabbering away type of blog. Which, quite frankly, is what this particular post has been just jabbering on about things!!  But as you know, things evolve & who knows what I'll be doing with it this time next year!!
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  1. I love doing the beauty bible testing! Great way to try things you may not be able to afford normally! Shame I now love Emma Hardie body scrub ;)

    1. I know, I'm testing an EH product now which is DIVINE....but over £50 a pot! Lovely to try though....!!

      Thanks for commenting btw! x

  2. Try looking at some beauty blog sales? If you have been a therapist you probably know how to sterilise products and you can pick up some great MAC,NaRS etc bits and pieces..

    Use the < #bbloggers sale > search on Twitter and pick up some bargains! Try Makeup Magpie at the moment she has an epic sale on

    Ps...I used to live in Dundee ;-)


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