Friday, 3 May 2013

A day oot in Auld Reekie

Very rarely these days do Mr F & I get the chance to have a whole day to ourselves so when my mum came home after visiting my sister for 6 weeks & offerered to do the school runs etc. we jumped at the chance!  I'd received a fair amount of pennies for my birthday a couple of weeks back so we decided to go to Edinburgh for the day so I could go to John Lewis & Harvey Nichols & spend them!!
I love Edinburgh so much, I would live there in a heartbeat.....I just need to do some serious praying to the Lottery gods first though!  We normally take the train through but we find more often than not, there are never any seats on the return journey so have to end up standing for an hour & a half.  Not good at all when you've paid good money for a ticket, in my opinion.  So this time we decided to use the park & ride just beside the Forth Road Bridge which turned out to be so fast & easy, I just think we'll use this option from now on!
Anyway, I had a very successful day & picked up a load of new skincare & cosmetics.....and the obligatory pair of new shoes of course!  No shopping trip is complete without new shoes but instead of a pair of sky-high heels, this time I opted for the sensible-but-damn-comfortable ballet flats from Clarks. 
1.  MAC Viva Glam 1
2.  No7 cream blush Maple Silk
3.  Soltan Gradually Golden for face
4.  L'Oréal Nude Magique CC Anti-fatigue
5.  Stila Prime Pot
6.  MAC lipliner Spice
7.  Revlon Lip Butter Red Velvet, Raspberry Pie & Pink Truffle
I also purchased more of my favourite cleanser, the fabulous Cleanse & Polish by Liz Earle & a lip balm from Kiehl's, a range I've never tried before but I'm loving the product so far.  I also bought a new make-up pouch & some mini handcreams from Cath Kidston to keep in my handbag rather than the great big tubes I normally stash in there & finally got my hands on some Real Techniques brushes.  These things are like gold dust around here, they're always sold out but a full review of these will follow.  And finally, every trip to Edinburgh involves a visit to Bravissimo for new undies.  I was fitted by the brilliant & very patient Brigit & came away with 2 new sets.
Mr F wanted to go to the Hard Rock Café (again!) for lunch where I enjoyed quite possibly the tastiest steak I've had in a looong time & a couple of beers went down well too!  So that's me well & truly spent up for quite some time now.  Well, except for this fabulous bridge camera that I have my eye on that is!  I may have to do quite a few eBay & carbooting sessions to raise the funds for that one though!
À la prochaine!


  1. Yep it's usually a quick run down on the motorway although there's a park & ride at Ingliston which is a bit closer but means crossing the bridge.

    Did you visit SpaceNK? It's a great shop :-)

    I just wish I could get on with the weather's so tedious all the time rain, rain, rain. It's my city and it's amazing but I need to be warm! (and kinda close to London for press events and stuff)

  2. I spotted Space NK when we'd got on the bus to go back to the P&R...I was GUTTED!! I didn't know it was there but I'll head straight there next time ;) I'll also check out the Ingliston P&R too, thanks.

    I know what you mean about the weather. It's stunning here but so damn cold!!


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