Friday, 10 April 2015

New York shopping list

I can't believe that a week today, we'll be in New York & I'm ridiculously excited - I'll just skip over the part about turning 40 though & pretend like it's not happening!  It's been sooooo long in the planning, it seems very strange that we'll soon be there & it's safe to say, my shopping list is growing daily, as are my daughters' !

It might sound odd to other people, but the majority of what's on my list is cosmetic based with some house-y bits thrown in too.  My main thing to shop for will be a new watch & I seem to be veering back towards a Michael Kors one again.  I went off them for a while as it seemed like everyone & their dog had one but I just can't find another one I like as much as this one, simple & classic;

There are specific stores I really want to visit, mainly being CVS & Duane Reade pharmacies & Sephora for makeup, Pottery Barn, Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co, Bloomingdales, Kate Spade & somewhere to buy Converse too!

I have a wee notebook that is rapidly being filled with more things as & when I think of them & now that it's just the two of us going (my sister, brother-in-law, dad & stepmum had to pull out due to the health issues of my sis & stepmum *sobs*) poor Hubble is going to be dragged round store after store!  He has been forewarned however & is prepared - he'll be fine as long as he gets plenty of coffee/beer breaks!!

So as well as the shopping, we've planned to do the usual tourist things as it's hubble's first time in NYC & I haven't been since I was 18.  We'll be doing The Empire State Building one morning & Top of the Rock at sunset, the Statue of Liberty, maybe a helicopter tour, Central Park & whatever else we can fit in.  I've also managed to get a long list of eateries we'd like to try too - I think we should've gone for 2 weeks rather than 4 days!  We booked to stay at the Sheraton Times Square as it seems perfectly situated midway between Times Square & Central Park & is close to a subway.  So this is a warning that there will be a fair bit of Instagramming going on next week (sorry, not sorry!)  I just really need to crack on & get all my laundry sorted now.......

Btw, my pc is having to go in for repairs as it's still very poorly & I know now what a faff it is trying to do a blog on an iPad as I can't insert any photos.  I'm having to draft it out on here (iPad mini), then email the images to myself to download onto my daughter's laptop to insert on here - I think I need a Chromebook too or something similar as this is soooooo time consuming :(. So apologies if anything looks odd with the final blog post!

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