Friday, 18 September 2015

Autumn outfits

Wow, that was a rather long - and unintentional! - break from blogging but you know, sometimes life just gets in the way!  The kids are all well ensconced in school, I'm back to my morning 5km walks round the reservoirs just across from my house (which I really missed doing during the summer holidays) & I've been helping a lot at the school again.  This teamed with my mum being unwell & running around helping her out has left little time for post research/reviews etc so I've been a blog reader, not a poster for a while.  But my mojo is back & how fortuitous that it should happen entering my favourite time of year & all the shops are getting all of their autumn/winter stock in!!  I *may* have made a sneaky purchase (or 10!) already......

It's no secret that I LOVE a bit of poncho/wrap/cape action so it pleases me immensely that the shops are full of these again this year.  I've bought a couple of new ones already (and have my eye on a couple more, ahem!) & I'm on the hunt for a new wool fedora this year.  I can't decide between this grey one from New Look or this charcoal & tan beauty from Zara that my friend bought last week.  We don't live near each other however, so won't have the worry of turning up wearing the same thing!  But then I keep coming back to this navy one from Topshop too, decisions, decisions!!

I feel like I've 'done' navy to death over the past year so this season I'm veering back towards black & grey. My old but comfy pair of black skinnies are now more of a grey colour (which I don't dislike!) so new pair of high waisted black skinnies are on the list.  I'm also looking for a grey cross-body saddle bag so have been trawling the internet looking for one.  I like this from Clarks but I'm just not keen on the patent straps, however I do love the more casual style of this one from White Stuff.

I've always been a bit self-conscious of putting OOTD posts on my blog but I've decided I'm going to do more of them from now on starting with these few outfits I've been wearing over the last couple of weeks with some of my new purchases!!  Apologies in advance for the poor photos, mirror selfies just aren't clear!

Left: grey jumper dress, Primark, current
black leggings, M&S
black trainers, M&S
Right: oversized grey cardi, Primark, A/W 14 but similar in store
black (now grey!) jeans, Asda
trainers, as before
Left: black blazer, H&M '14, similar here
white shirt, M&S
jeans, Next
sliders, Garage 
bag, eBay
Top right: navy boyfriend cardi, Primark '14, similar in store
top, Next, S/S '15, similar here
jeans, Next, as before
sliders, as before
Bottom right: black trainers, M&S, as before
Left: check coatigan, Primark, current (my favourite new purchase!)
grey jumper dress, Primark, current
black ponté trousers, H&M, similar here
trainers, M&S, as before
Right: rust blanket wrap, Primark, current
black jeans, Asda, as before
trainers, as before

You can probably tell that I'm MUCH happier dressing for autumn/winter so I'm looking forward to hunting out all my other ponchos, wraps & hats!  The dark nail polishes are also back out now too!

What will you be wearing for A/W this year?

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