Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Amazing Marrakech


Photos from Google Images
Morocco, Marrakech in particular, is a place I've desperately wanted to visit for quite some time now, it's now moved up to next on my travel wish list!
For a person who doesn't really relish being in busy places, it seems bizarre to want to visit somewhere like Marrakech where the utter madness of the medina & souks never quietens down..... but I'm strangely drawn to it!
Whenever I look at photos of the place, all the jewel-like colours of the food & spices just seem so exciting to me & I know I'd love wandering round the medina & souks all day long.  My case would definitely be filled with spices on the return journey!
The idea of staying in a traditional riad, a gorgeous private house usually hidden away behind a doorway in a souk backstreet, as opposed to in a large hotel, really appeals to me.  A lot of these riads have little plunge pools either in the centre of the courtyard or on the rooftop, somewhere blissful to lie in the sun!  I can almost imagine lying there with a great book & a chilled glass of rosé....a wee spa wouldn't be a bad thing either.....
I almost start to salivate when I think of the traditional tagines made with spices, chicken & preserved lemons, nom nom!!  Hmmm, beam me up Scotty!
I think I've persuaded Mr F that we need to visit here next year (or even later on this year if I can push it, heh heh!) & have already started pricing up flights & riads etc.  It can work out to be quite a reasonable trip if you're a bit savvy & use flight comparison sites & contact the riads directly etc.
Anyway, I'll just keep on dreaming (& planning) for now.....!

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  1. Hi Sarah
    I found your blog while looking for a name for mine! Looking forward to your Marrakesh trip as I've always hankered after going there! If you still haven't painted that gorge sideboard, consider chalk paint (see have similar project when the weather isn't as fab! Have a peek at my boards on Pinterest as GalwayEd Cheers Siobhan


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