Saturday, 18 May 2013

All by myself......

...ok, a bit dramatic but Mr F has been working away so I've had a full week to catch up on my trashy tv & watch my girly dvds that he can't stand, utter bliss!!
Many episodes of Friends, SATC, Desperate Housewives, Dallas & Nashville have been watched along with the Magic Mike dvd I bought months ago, heh heh!!  Much chocolate has been consumed also, whoops......we'll just pretend that bit didn't happen.....
Last night was the turn of Les Misérables, a movie I was desperate to see at the cinema but with one thing or another (lack of babysitter mainly!), I didn't get to see it before it disappeared off the big screen.  But I finally got to watch it in total peace last night & I have to say, I'm quite glad I didn't watch it at the cinema as I would've probably been thrown out for the loud sobbing noises I was emitting!  Oh my goodness, what a bloody fantastic film, the best thing I've seen in a long, long time.
Silly little scenes set me off crying but by the end, the tears were just freefalling & I was sat on the sofa sobbing contentedly!!  Even when I went to bed & was reading my book, a song would pop into my head & set me off again!  Phew, very hard to keep my emotions in check with that one.
I also managed to get my hair cut a couple of days back, something I've needed to do for weeks now but my usual stylist had left the salon so I had to pluck up the courage to try the one who replaced her!  I'm glad I did though as she's made a great job of it...panic over!!
Me & my wee man!!
Today the rain is pouring - again - so tonight I'll no doubt be in my pjs early with a glass of red or three ready to go....I just need to decide what to watch.  After all, I only have 2 days until my man returns & I have to relinquish the tv remote again!!
Bon week-end à tous!!

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