Thursday, 6 June 2013

You know you're getting older when........ buy your regular weekly/monthly magazines, read them & then get really depressed about the fact that the fashions advertised are about 2 decades too young for you!!
I had this realisation a couple of months back now & it was like another door in my life firmly....& loudly....closing!  Well, that sounds a tad dramatic but you get the idea right?
I've bought Look magazine every week since it was released but just recently, I've been looking at the clothes featured thinking "what the....?!"  And then it dawned on me that had I been 18 years old, they'd have been perfect!  In fact, my 14 year old daughter loves the magazine & regularly recreates outfits from it......that should've been all the clue I needed really....
So, the next time I went to the newsagent, I started to look for an alternative weekly mag & then I spotted Woman.  I'd always discounted this as being an 'older ladies' magazine....yet again, the penny dropped!!  So I bought it, read it & loved it!  The outfits were still funky but age-appropriate & more importantly, affordable.  The beauty pages have some great ideas & product reviews & there are always great recipes & book recommendations in there too.
So this is my new weekly magazine now although I still end up buying Look too...but to hand over to my daughter!  I also get Essentials magazine every month too now for the same reasons.  There are really great articles in it & actually, there are many readers younger than me, something I never realised before I bought it as again, I'd dismissed it as being for someone of my mum's age!!  In fact, this month's cover star is a blogger I follow.  I've even had one of my tweets in print too - which gave me more pleasure than I'm sure is normal.....
So apologies to both Woman & Essentials magazines for dismissing you for many years as being too frumpy, I have well & truly learnt my lesson, heh hehe!!

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