Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Recent reads #1

After reading some 'heavier' books lately I decided I wanted something fun & frivolous to read, whilst sitting in the garden....in the sunshine (yes folks, that yellow thing in the sky has finally made an appearance!)
I picked up 8 books from the library although I'm not quite sure why I chose that many at once as I'll never find the time to read them as I also have 2 Book Club reads too in June!
Now, it's very rare that I dislike a book that much or just can't get in to the story that I decide to not finish it, but the first book I chose was unfortunately one of those few. 
The Diary of a Social Butterfly by Moni Mohsin tells the tale of a socialite/party-goer/It-girl sort of character but I just couldn't get into the style of writing & the character's use of broken English, it drove me mad!  I got about 3 chapters in thought, "nope, this isn't for me" so just gave up & started on the next one!
I love Jane Green & her latest book, The Accidental Husband (released as Family Pictures in the US) didn't disappoint.  It follows the stories of Maggie & Sylvie, strangers who believe they both have pretty perfect lives, each living on opposite sides of America.  Their lives are changed drastically when a secret both devastates them & throws them together.  The book follows their stories both before & after the fall-out of the secret being uncovered. 
I love her style of writing & they way she describes lives, homes & places in so much detail that I have such a clear image of them all in my head!  I've read most of her books but my favourite by far is The Beach House, I could read that time & time again!
My final book here is Fame by Tilly Bagshawe.  This is the first time I've read any of her books but I've been a fan of her sister's (Louise Bagshawe) books for many years.  This was a brilliant read with great characters & settings, a real holiday-lazing-by-the-pool-with-a-cocktail-in-hand book.....or in my case, sitting-in-the-back-garden-on-an-ever-so-slightly-broken-sun-lounger-and-a-can-of-Irn-Bru!!
This follows the story of Dorian Rasmirez, a former hot-shot Hollywood movie director who is falling out of favour with the big-wigs & needs to make his newest project, a remake of Wuthering Heights, a huge success to re-establish himself in his field.
Factor in the hottest actress Sabrina, freshly out of rehab & the gorgeous leading actor Viorel, hoping that this movie will finally propel him into the A-list stardom he so wants & you get a cracking, light-hearted read.  The story is somewhat predictable but reassuringly so, I think I'd have been disappointed had the book ended differently!  I'll now be hunting out more of her books, they're just the sort of escapist reads I enjoy!

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