Tuesday, 11 June 2013

NOTD MUA ~ Summer Pastels

1.  Lush Lilac
2.  Strawberry Crush
3.  Frozen Yoghurt
4.  Moody Mink
5.  Pistachio Ice Cream
So a couple of months ago I picked up these wee MUA bargainous gems in Superdrug for the princely sum of £1 each.  I'd seen a lot of people wearing summer pastels & loved them but really wasn't sure how I'd like them on me seeing as I'm usually a vibrant bright or gothic dark nail polish kinda gal!!
As it happens, I've loved them all but I surprisingly loved Pistachio Ice Cream the most (very similar to Essie Mint Candy Apple don'tcha think?!)
For the price, the longevity is great & I usually had around 3 days before any wear on the tips.  The photos are all showing 2 coats of polish (with my trusty Seche Vite top coat!) & although some colours could have benefitted from a third coat, in general I've been very pleasantly surprised by these polishes & they're a great size for travelling too! 
The only downside to these are the thin brushes but come on, for £1 I'm certainly not going to be shedding any tears about it & I can't wait to see what new colours MUA will be releasing next!!


  1. I looove the mint one!! Great photos!

    1. Lovely isn't it, it's my favourite I think!

  2. Loving Lush Lilac!
    Excellent post! <3

  3. Frozen Yoghurt and Pistachio ice cream are the ones for me! Brilliant swatches might I add :D x

  4. Thank you, I do love my nail polish!!


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