Sunday, 23 June 2013

Days out with kids #1 - The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar

Last Monday we had our pre-school summer trip & this year parents had the chance to vote for their favoured place to visit.  The place that came out on top with the most votes was The Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar, somewhere we've not yet had the chance to visit so I was secretly quite pleased!  And most unlike the weather we've been having recently, the skies were blue & the sun shone all day, making it a beautiful day out for all.



There was plenty here for the kids to see & do & we started off by walking round the park with our maps spotting all the different types of deer.  They also have a wolf enclosure but it's situated right next to a small adventure playground so the kids were like "look Mummy it's a wo......THERE'S A PARK!!!!" & off they ran!  I, on the other hand, love wolves.  I find myself absolutely mesmerised by their eyes & I could watch them all day long!
After we'd escorted a small group of children over the treetop walk, we headed back towards the ranger centre where we were viewing a midday bird display.  We were shown a tiny white barn owl (who Alfie was convinced was Hedwig, bless him!) & a falcon (I think!) & although there's no denying their beauty, I'm really not fond of birds of any sort so to have them flying within millimetres of my head was not the most pleasant thing in the world for me!  The kids however, thought they were amazing!  We then enjoyed a picnic in the sun before heading back to the ranger centre ready for our ranger guide to take us all into a deer pen.
This particular deer was a beautiful tame deer called Izzy who took a real liking to my bag, as you can see from one of the photos above!  The ranger asked if I had an apple in my bag & when I replied that I didn't, he asked if there'd been one in there in the last couple of days.  I'd actually just taken one out that morning so she could smell it & was desperate to find it!  He told us they're not allowed to eat apples as they ferment really quickly in their stomachs & make them drunk, hence they all really want them!!
Anyway, take a look at the link at the top for The Scottish Deer Centre as it was a lovely day out & has plenty more to see & do than what I've mentioned here.
Now I have to make a list of other places to visit during the school holidays which begin in 4 short days.......& then it's time to prepare for 'proper' school, wahhh!!!

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