Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sleek blush ~ Sahara

Although I own a couple of Sleek eye palettes & pout polishes, this is my first foray into their blushes & it certainly will not be my last!

As with the eyeshadows, this matte blush in shade Sahara is seriously pigmented & is a beautiful warm shade of coral.  It adds enough colour to offer that healthy, flushed look without looking like Coco the clown - always a bonus - and is perfect for the sunny weather that WILL hit us soon!

It has the standard matte black packaging with a handy mirror enclosed in it & retails at just £4.49 at Superdrug, a bargain for such a great product.


  1. I looks like the perfect colour for Spring! I need a serious cosmetics shop! I'm running out of everything! xx

  2. I have one Sleek blush in Flushed - massively pigmented as you say Sarah! Gorgeous colour this one! xx


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