Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pepperberry & Bravissimo S/S '14

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Pepperberry & Bravissimo.  In theory, these companies should be perfect for me, a one-stop shop with clothing that will actually fit over my boobs & bras that go up to & beyond my size.  But my 3 closest stores are equally a 3 hour round trip for me to get there & I always seem slightly disappointed with the stores when I get there.

I usually use the Edinburgh store but I've found that since they merged the Pepperberry & Bravissimo stores, they don't have a great deal of stock - or maybe I've always been unlucky when I've visited?!  The catalogue holds many styles of bras in my size but I'd be lucky if they have one or two in stock, likewise with the items of clothing I always want to try.  Also, the last 2 Bravissimo brand bras I bought fitted me perfectly the day I purchased them but after only 2 handwashes, they'd stretched out of shape that much that the cups looked many sizes too big for me, so disappointing.

However, I bought my first item of clothing from Pepperberry a couple of years ago & I loved everything about it.  It was a gorgeous tea-dress in the thickest jersey fabric I've known & it fitted like a glove.  I still wear it now regularly & it still looks like new - all good - but last year I felt most of the styles were really old-fashioned & frumpy.  The sizing can also be a tad strange on me too.  Anything in a stretch fabric fits perfectly but if it's non-stretch, forget it.  Even sizing up won't make it fit over my boobs, meh!

Hmmm, I didn't & don't intend this post to be bashing these shops, far from it as when they do get it right, they get it really right!  Which leads me to say that when the new spring/summer catalogue dropped through my door the other day, they had some great dresses back in again, yay!

Here's what I'm hoping to get for summer & I pray that the sizing hasn't changed at all & they fit as well as my other dress!

Hmmm, just from a few days of writing this post & saving it in draft form to actually finishing it for publishing, I've noticed that 2 of these are now out of stock & one is low stock, arrrghhhhh!!!!  Maybe it just wasn't meant to be Pepperberry.........yet again :-(

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