Monday, 26 August 2013

Benefit ~ They're Real


A couple of months ago, I had a mini Benefit They're Real mascara freebie with a magazine (was it Elle?  I can't remember!!)  I've been wanting to try out this blogger favourite for a long time so was eager to try it the next day and......... hmmm, this really didn't live up to the hype for me I'm afraid.

*Please excuse the cruddy bare-faced photos, I really should've redone them!!*
Now, to be fair, this mascara offers exactly what it promises & it made my usually short lashes realllly long & separated & for that, I was seriously impressed.  However, it offered no more or better effect than my beloved L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic does but it costs nearly double!  But I had a huge problem with the brush....
I'm now more a fan of plastic brushes than before but I found this particular one to be really sharp & spiky.  I like to apply my mascara by getting the bristles right in at the root & wiggling the brush right through the lashes as I find it gives great uplift this way but I'll just say it, this brush bloody hurt!!!  And the bit on the end did nothing except for get in the way & smudge all over the skin at the outer corners of my eyes.

I found the formula overly wet & it seemed to take forever to dry which meant tiny black specks under my eyes & on my eyelids unless I sat for 30 seconds with my eyes shut to let it dry!

However, I could've forgiven these two bugbears as like I said, the result was great but the one thing I couldn't forgive was the complete nightmare in removing it!  This stuff just didn't want to come off & I had to scrub at my lashes to remove - not the best thing for either your lashes or your skin!

I tried 3 different types of eye makeup remover, all of which struggled to remove it (when they are normally excellent at removal) & no matter how clean I eventually though I'd got my lashes, I ALWAYS woke with panda eyes the next day.  Meh!

So sadly, Benefit They're Real has been relegated to the 'disappointing products' drawer & I won't be using it again.  I'm so glad it was a freebie though & I hadn't forked out for a full sized version or I'd have been gutted!!

What are your favourite mascaras?  Have you tried They're Real & loved it?



  1. Hey, I feel you when you say this products is difficult to remove, I hate when that happen but for my case is my eyeliner.
    Its difficult to remove but once I use my Loreal eye makeup remover, it works in removing the eye makeup well. (Its in the blue packaging hope it helps you too, but I have yet try it on benefit mascara or rather I have yet to get my hands on Benefit mascara.)
    Now that you says so, Im thinking more than twice if i should buy it.
    Btw I follow you on Bloglovin.
    maybe follow me back ya?.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Do visit my blog.

  2. I agree Sarah - it looks good on but is so difficult to remove and yes the brush is uncomfortable to use etc. Never mind - at least we won't have to shell out now! :)


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