Thursday, 27 March 2014

March book club review

The book for this month was Island Wife by Judy Fairbairns, a true story told by the author about her life living on a remote Scottish island.

The story tells how Judy moved with her new husband to this wild island & how she raised their five children whilst learning to be a hotelier, looking after livestock, running a recording studio & dealing with her husband's whale-watching business.

I loved the romantic vision of the island & how the kids had an old-fashioned childhood with no tv or computer games, just themselves & the surrounding nature to amuse them - all very Famous Five in fact!  But I quickly became very frustrated at how she seemed to not be appreciated by her husband of family & was always being put-upon.  But equally, I was annoyed at how much of a push-over she seemed to be - I wanted to scream at her "just tell him to sod off & do it himself!"

Eventually she does breakdown & she runs away from the island & her husband but after he realises how unhappy she's been & they begin to talk again, she moves back but this time the kids are grown up & she has her own life to start living.

It certainly wasn't the best book I've ever read but I really enjoyed it nonetheless , well worth a read.  Next month we have King Lear lined up, which I have no inclination to read whatsoever but I will persevere!!

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