Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The protective powers of the duvet!

Me & the kids travelled down to my day's house in Leicestershire on Saturday & following a dull & overcast weekend, yesterday the sun came back....big time! It hit 32 degrees at one point but was getting more sticky by the minute....storms were a-brewing!

The black clouds rolled in around 8pm with the thunder rumbling in the distance.  We were still sat in the garden at this point but moved inside with a few seconds to spare before the heavens opened!

I went up to bed around 10pm as Alfie was petrified of the thunder & lightning so was lying in bed reading with all the covers off as it was still so hot.  During the night, the mother of all storms hit with the loudest claps of thunder I've heard for many years & with every boom, the duvet was pulled up a little more!

I've never liked storms anyway but have got better over the years, you know, when trying to calm down small children & pretending there was nothing to be scared of!  But even now, no matter how hot it is, if there's a storm raging outside, I have to protect myself with the duvet!  It usually ends up over my head at some points too so I can't see the lightning as I always do the countdown from when it flashes to when the thunder booms & can feel my heart rate rising as the storm gets closer......a reminder of sneakily watching Poltergeist as a small child!! Not recommended by the way, this is where my fear of clowns also kicked in - you'll understand if you've ever watched it!!

So I can't see myself ever being totally ok when there's a storm raging outside but as long as I have my duvet, I'll be fine!


  1. I love storms! a great big LOUD rainy storm is such a great night and i sleep so well. i like the sound of rain and thunder :) im weird though ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog

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  2. I hadn't realised ur dad lived in my county still? Did you get to shop whilst you were here? Xxx

    1. Oooh yes Jen, plenty of shopping!! ;)

      My dad's in a village just a few miles out of Leicester so always enjoy a mooch around Highcross & Fosse Park when we're there! xx


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