Thursday, 18 December 2014

Life lately

Hi all, how is everyone?  I've been MIA for a while I'm afraid - I totally lost my blogging mojo for some reason.  It wasn't down to lack of post ideas or anything like that as I currently have 9 draft posts waiting to be published, life has generally just got in the way!  My pc (or internet connection, we're not sure which) is just not working properly either & the last post I did took over 2 hours to do as opposed to the usual 20/30 minutes, which really hasn't helped.  I've also been volunteering at the school again & have spent a LOT of time there in recent weeks.  It's all good fun though!

Anyhoo, I have a couple of hours until I have to be back at the school again(!), this time to help with the Christmas parties.  But first, let me fill you in on what I've been up to the last few weeks.

The Hubble & I spent a couple of days in Edinburgh at the end of November (you may have seen some of my photos on Instagram!)  We like to get away just the two of us now & again & had I not come down with a stomach bug in the night, it would've been perfect!!  Never mind, we'll just have to go again - what a shame!

We've also been really busy with sporting activities on the weekends recently.  Wee man plays rugby every Sunday morning, which the Hubble coaches & he's recently started golf lessons on a Saturday morning too.  However, these are held at the Carnoustie golf course so we drop him off for an hour then enjoy a walk along the seafront followed by coffee in the Carnoustie Golf Hotel.  Last time we went, I took a peek in the spa & have decided that in the New Year, I'm going to treat myself to an Elemis facial or two!  Well, that's if Mr F didn't pick up on the very heavy hints I was dropping & book me in for some treatments, ahem!!

I worked out the other day that I've bought 5 pairs of boots & shoes in 2 months, is that excessive?!?  One of my new pairs are the lovely Kendra Aviva from Clarks.  I wanted these last year so I'm glad I managed to pick them up with 25% off.  I bought them in the suede & I really think they are the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever owned.  I wore them last week on our Mums' Night Out (yes, it needs capital letters!!) & my feet felt fine, even after dancing for 4 hours!  Actually, they were so comfortable, I've just ordered the Crisp Kendra shoe in red as they're such a bargain at 50% off.  Let's hope they fit as well as the boots!  But no. more. footwear........for now, anyway!

I've got lots of posts that I need to finish up with lots of lovely new products to show off & I'm going to have a wee redesign of my blog over Christmas & New Year so don't worry if it all looks strange whilst I'm doing it!!

I hope you're all prepared for the big day & are feeling lovely & festive?!  Even my 6 year son knows the words to my Mr Bublé Christmas cd!!!  I'll be back soon!


  1. Great pics Sarah and good to have you back! I've been much the same - there just ain't enough hours or energy in the day at the moment! Five pairs of footwear in a couple of months!! That's the way to do it! I think I have about 20 posts in draft - no idea when I'll get round to finishing them but not going to stress about it! xx

  2. Great to see you back, Sarah. I've been pretty hectic too. Life gets in the way sometimes, and so it should! My posts have been pretty sparse too. Lynne xx


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