Monday, 10 November 2014

I blame the babysitter!

I remember the day so well - our usual babysitter Jane had turned up to look after me & my sister & as she walked in, she handed us a bag of things to share out between ourselves.  In this bag was a huge collection of makeup that she was clearing out & my 8 year old self squealed with excitement!  We spent a happy couple of hours sharing out the goodies but the one item I really, really wanted - and that I hoped my sister wouldn't call dibs on first! - was a bright red lipstick from Estée Lauder.  I did end up with the lipstick & this was the day my love of makeup & beauty products began!

From that day on, I would take my crimped-hair self into town & my pocket money was spent in the local chemist buying all sorts of garish electric blue mascara & the only lipstick that made the whitest of teeth look like they were being subjected to 60 fags a day, Twilight Teaser (it was the 80s after all!), tiny cans of Insett hairspray that would leave my hair hard enough to take an eye out & the ubiquitous pink bottles of Impulse - I loved it all & just wanted to look like Madonna.......or Boy George, ahem!

Photo from Amazon

Photo from Sali Hughes Beauty

Now, 31 years later, I can't walk past Boots or Debenhams without going in & perusing the makeup aisles first.  I just love makeup - there, I've said it!  I love the whole artistry about it & how even the simplest of swipes with a mascara brush makes me feel sooooo much better.  If we have a big night out planned, 9 times out of 10 I'm not so much bothered about what I wear, but about what 'face' I'll be doing & do I complement or clash the nails?!  In fact, I've been known to choose my outfit after choosing what makeup I want to wear first! It's my favourite part of getting ready, whether for a night out or doing the school run & it would be extremely rare to catch me outside my home sans maquillage.

I don't see a problem with this whatsoever.....but for some bizarre reason, other people do seem to have a problem with this & this really upsets me.  For starters, it's nobody's business if I want to wear red lipstick when I drop my son at school at 8.50am & secondly, I would never judge anyone for not wanting to wear makeup so I cannot fathom why someone would feel that they can judge me for doing so.  

One of oldest friends always asks why I wear 'so much' makeup everyday, that I don't need it blah de blah but the truth is, I wear it because I love it & I feel more like 'me' with it on.  At a size 16, I am larger than I'd like to be & more often than not, feel extremely body conscious so I love to make an effort with my makeup, it just makes me feel so much better about myself - is this wrong...or too vain?   And can I just state for the record, that a regular day for me consists of foundation (I have acne scarring & pigmentation that I'm just not comfortable baring to the world!), blusher, mascara & lipstick or lip balm & takes me 4 minutes to apply in the morning - I know this because I timed myself this morning!  It's part of my morning routine the same as jumping in the shower or brushing my teeth & is not something I can see myself foregoing anytime soon.  (Obviously, lounging by the pool somewhere hot would be the exception to this rule!!)

So opinions, is it really such a bad thing to do something that makes you happy every day?  Maybe I'm reading too much into things & my hormones are rearing their ugly heads again!  Is anyone else a makeup lover like me?!


  1. I've just bought Mac Lady Danger red and it is awesome......absolutely my favourite colour at the moment, it does brighten my day just wearing it! I'm normally such a budget beauty buyer...this was quite a treat for me! xx

  2. I absolutely need make up every day. I look like death without it! Just gives me that little more confidence. I don't spend a huge amount on make up - most of mine comes from No7. Lynne xx

  3. I'm with you, can't go out of the door without refreshing my lipstick. Good grooming I call it! Xx

  4. I wear makeup every day - except maybe on a hungover Sunday. I blame my Mum - she has always worn makeup and her skin is amazing from the daily routine of moisturizing and cleansing. I never go to bed without washing it off no matter how tired/drunk I am lol! I have a great mix of drugstore and department store brands and here we have Ulta and Sephora but boy do I miss Superdrug and Boots! I always call in when I am home to stock up on brands I can't get easily here. We can get Boots No 7 and Rimmel but the range isn't nearly as broad as over there. Nars is my new love. I am also obsessed with makeup brushes and I am addicted to beauty vlogs - there is always something new to learn. It's also a cheap way to treat yourself unless you are like me and can't walk away with only one product:) xx

  5. I love it too! It's something that never changes Sarah, no matter how old you get! x

  6. I wear make up 362 days a year - I've built in a 3 day caveat for very severe hangovers when I can't get out of bed. Judge away that's what I says it's my face, I'll do what I want lol. Great post x

  7. I love make up and again don't tend to wear a lot, but just enough for me to make me feel presentable and pretty. I wear it for me, not others and I think we all should do as we like and take no notice of others' comments, they're probably envious! Like you I also struggle to walk past boots! My parents have just come to visit me in Switzerland and with them came Chanel Coup De coeur nail polish, lancome grandiose mascara and the clarins 3 dot liner. Happiness! 😊

  8. You know I'm a fellow make-up lover Sarah - if it makes you feel good go ahead and 'monkeys' to anyone who disagrees! I can't get enough of the stuff and just thinking about a new blusher or lippie gives me a lift! I remember that blue mascara and the lippie well and trying to get the front of my 80s perm stick up at the front - rock hard it was! xx

  9. I certainly can't go out the house without some sort of make up on....and on the rare occasion I don't people always ask if I am ill?! A red lip always makes me feel good, and love doing the works for a big night out too! Helen xx


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