Saturday, 13 September 2014

New hair & Pinterest addiction!

As some of you may have noticed from my wee profile picture, I had an awful lot of hair lopped off at the beginning of July - about 16" in fact!  My hair is naturally thinning at the moment (see this post) & teamed with a disastrous haircut back in April when my stylist did not stop cutting & thinned it out far, far too much leaving it thin & straggly, I decided to cut it all off & start again.  That's the problem when you wear glasses & have to remove them at the salon, you can no longer see how much is being taken off until it's too late!  I've since found a new stylist....

At this point, I decided to start lightening my hair too as although I adored the colour of my hair, touching up my white roots every 3 weeks was becoming a real chore.  I thought by going lighter it would disguise my roots for a bit longer.  But I'm still not quite happy with my barnet!

This is what I started off with.....

Actually, this is quite an old photo, it was even longer than this!  When I first had it cut off & had the first lot of highlights, this is how it looked....

....and a couple of months down the line with even more highlights in, I'm now at this stage.....

(Apologies for the photo, it was late & I'd had a glass or 3 of vino at this point!!!)

You can see how much it's grown in just 2 months & I'm now having a cut & colour dilemma.  Do I keep it shorter like in the first photo, which I like the length of but involves much more styling than I'm used to or grow it to about shoulder length, so I have the option of tying up? (I do miss being able to have a messy bun!!!)

I'm also torn with the colour aspect of it.  I can't go back as dark as I was due to the shocking white roots problem but I'm still not entirely sure being blonde is 'me', if that makes sense!  I do like it but at the moment, it's just too in between. It either needs to be significantly blonder like these.....

....or I'm rather liking the balayage effect at the moment too.....

Or I could go to a golden light brown keeping the front blonder (as that's where my hair is now at it's whitest!!)

If it wasn't for the fact I'd get horrendous root glare, I'd be going this colour again for autumn!

So help me out please, do I keep it shorter or grow longer, blonder or more golden?  Seriously, I need help, I'm back in the salon on Thursday for the colour to be done again & I'd appreciate honest opinions!!!

You may have noticed that all but one of the images are taken from my Pinterest board (addicted much?!)  If anyone wants to have a nosy at my other Pinterest boards, you can find me here!


  1. You have the same picture I used as my inspiration when I recently got my hair cut although I haven't been waving it, just wearing as a long straight bob. Personally I like the length of the last picture of you but the colour of the middle one. Hope that helps! x

  2. Cut it again! You look amazing with it when it was first cut Sarah & I like you lighter too! I know what you mean as mine is a little out of control atm & it needs a trim already! I have to wait until next month as I've blown this months budget! Ax

  3. I am with Andrea. I like the first cut and colour as it really suits you. H x

  4. Oh dear Sarah I'm terrible with hair dilemmas (having one myself at the moment!) - fortunately you have far more options than me - and far more hair - even though you say it's thinning - it looks positively ample compared to mine! Anyway - I too like the first short cut and colour, looks funky! Can't wait to see what you go for! xx

  5. Thanks all!! I think I'll go a wee bit shorter again but more golden brown with lighter at the front & ends.......I think, lol!! I just feel a bit too blah at the moment, hopefully I'll feel better after my salon trip! ;) pics to follow xx


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