Monday, 1 September 2014

Clarks A/W 2014 wishlist

                    Clarks A/W 2014 wishlist

Clarks A/W 2014 wishlist by fortytherapy

So whilst perusing the Clarks website this morning, as you do, I've noticed that they've got some really great choices again for this season.  There are quite a few pairs that have made my wishlist, if only my budget would allow me to have them all!!  From top to bottom starting on the left;

Orinoco Jive in Brown £89.99
I had a pair of these last year in black & I just love them.  I wore them to death last year but I think they'll last another winter so I'd like to get them in brown for this year.

Freckle Ice in Navy £44.99
Another duplicate of ones that I had last year, although in red rather than navy.  These are ridiculously comfortable & unlike a lot of other ballet flats, the front comes quite high up meaning your toes aren't gripping onto the soul for dear life to stop them slip-slapping off you feet as you walk!  So glad they're available in navy (but please reintroduce them in red too Clarks, I need another pair!)

Busby Folly in Dark Tan £69.99
I love tasseled loafers but find a lot of other ones have the same problem as ballet flats, they come too low on the toes.  These look higher up so I'll be trying these on instore.

Hotel Chic in Black Interest Leather £65.00
I love the mix of leather & patent on this pair of tasseled loafers.  Slightly less chunky looking than the Busby Folly, not sure whether I prefer that though!

Hamble Oak in Dark Green £59.99
I know everyone & their dog had a pair of Hamble Oaks last year but I still love them & the dark green is a great colour.

Nessa Clare in Black £110.00
Another duplicate of boots I've bought in the past.  I bought these 2 years ago (when they sure as hell didn't cost £110!!!) & are the only riding boot style I've found to fit my wide calves.  Although my calves are wide, my feet & ankles aren't so usual extra wide fitting boots as like baggy wellies on me.  These are the perfect fit & very comfortable.  Mine may last another winter but if not, I would repurchase (might have to wait for a voucher code though!)

Amos Kendra in black Suede £69.99
I love these shoe/boots (shoots?).  I have many (many!) pairs of shoes that I can no longer wear as they're just too high for me now, I seem to have lost the ability to walk in them so I'm going to eBay them & replace with new ones!  These are the perfect height for me now & will go with pretty much everything.

Kendra Aviva in Black Suede £79.99
Again, for the reasons above re heel height.  I tried these on last winter & loved them then so this year I definitely want to get them!

Movie Retro in Dark Grey £89.99
I have a similar pair to these in black but I love the dark grey colour of these & the quilting on them.  Not sure I can justify buying them but I'll certainly be trying them on (and consequently talking myself out of purchasing because I'll inevitably love them!)

Mezze Game in Taupe £110.00
I lurve these boots but between these & the Orinoco Jive, I'll be getting the latter.  I'll be honest & say that is purely down to cost, I'm not sure what warrants these being £20 more expensive?

So lots of gorgeous footwear around but has anyone else noticed that Clarks prices seem to have jumped considerably lately?  I know when you break it down into cost-per-wear they work out reasonable but I really baulk at forking out £100 for a pair of boots!!  However, they last really well, fit perfectly & are ridiculously comfortable & I just don't do bad shoes anymore, my feet can't take it!!!

What's going to be on your feet this autumn/winter?


  1. Clarks have definitely got a great selection for the coming Autumn Sarah haven't they. I'm so with you & my feet not putting up with uncomfortable shoes/boots....if my feet are happy I'm happy!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Gotta have happy feet now now or I'm foul to be around, lol!!! I saw a beautiful pair of shoes in a magazine from Clarks but they're not yet on the website but oh my, they are very covetable!! x

  2. I love the Hotel Chic & they could be just what I'm looking for! I was thinking about brogues but these may just work better on me! I need a try on session! Great picks Sarah! Ax

    1. They're beauts aren't they? I daren't go into Clarks at the moment or I fear for my bank account! x

  3. Great picks here! I love the brown loafers and the last pair of boots. Gorgeous! Lynne xx


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