Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, the Christmas decorations are all down & packed away for another year & the house is getting back to normal! I hope everyone had a great christmas & New Year with plenty of eating, drinking & being merry!

I was unfortunate enough to come down with horrendous flu a couple of weeks before Christmas which absolutely wiped me out for 10 days. I missed out on all of my Christmas parties & school shows & concerts because of it so was thoroughly miserable. I was just about feeling human again a couple of days before the big event so was running around the shops like a headless chicken catching up on all of the shopping I should have done by that point!

But we all had a lovely time & great presents were given & received.....a fair amount of Baileys was consumed too!  We then made up for the lack of pre-Xmas partying when my dad, step-mum & friends came up for Hogmanay.  We also spent some time pondering over travel brochures discussing our trip to New York next year to celebrate both mine & my friend's impending 40th birthdays - eek!! I'm so excited already, I've even bought a new notebook which is rapidly filling with lists of what to do, where to eat & which shops to visit!

I haven't made any resolutions, I don't really believe in them...they nearly always end in failure to do them & then disappointment so I just focus on staying happy & healthy & that'll do me just fine!

So here's hoping everyone has a fantabulous 2014!

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