Monday, 22 April 2013

NOTD Essie ~ Snap Happy

I'm a fairly recent convert to Essie polishes but in the few weeks I have been using them, I'm really impressed.  I stumbled on a Boots clearance sale a couple of weeks back & found some great bargains on Essie polishes, some were knocked down to a bargainous £1 each!  I bought 2 bottles of Snap Happy, a gorgeous corally-red, 2 bottles of She's Pampered, a lovely bright not-quite-fuschia- pink, a bottle of Beyond Cozy, a silver glitter polish & 2 boxes of a trio of minis (Leading Lady, Snap Happy & Beyond Cozy).  Couple with the 3for2 offer, I got all of these little gems (almost £60 worth) for the grand sum of £5.50!!
    I usually begin my manicures with China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat & always finish with Seche Vite, which in my humble opinion is the best top coat available.  I've read very mixed reviews about it but I honestly love the stuff.  When I paint my nails & use both the base & top coats mentioned, my manis last a least a week before they start to wear on the tips (& I start to pick the polish off...naughty!!)
The China Glaze base coat is a fairly new addition but I think it adds to the longevity of my manicure.  It has quite a rough texture to it when applied which, I presume, is where the Strong Adhesion part comes in to play.  The first coat of colour sticks to it like glue & dries really rapidly.  I find the Essie polishes are opaque enough to get away with one coat but I always apply 2 anyway, just to be on the safe side!

The application of Seche Vite goes against everything I usually do as a nail tech.  You must apply it while your polish is still slightly wet or I find it doesn't last as well.  And you apply in quite a thick layer, again going against the 'thin coats of polish' principle & it dries ridiculously fast!  But trust me, this top coat will give you the glossiest, most long-lasting manicure you can imagine.
But back to the NOTD.  I LOVE this colour, it's so bright & summery (ha, no such luck!) & even makes my winter-pale hands look ever-so-slightly tanned.  I feel this will be a regular wear for me from now on & I can't wait to see it on my tootsies, hopefully it'll be another week-long mani too.  I feel my bank balance is going to be much worse off though as I expand my Essie collection.....!

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