Saturday, 20 April 2013

My head hurts!

Gahhh, you know that feeling when you've got a thousand & one ideas speeding through your head at a million miles per hour & your inner voice just won't shut up........well, that!!
Mr F & I have been having long discussions this week about longterm jobs & work & we'd both love a change in direction.  Ideally we'd like to do something together & about a month ago, I came across an idea which fitted our bill perfectly but didn't really take it much further.  After a month of online research (how on earth did we cope without t'internet eh?!) this week we've decided that it could be a very viable & enjoyable option for us but we're not willing to jump straight in.
So basically, we've decided to spend the next year doing lots of market research & working out a business plan.  But consequently, my head has been totally mullered these past few days with all the ideas buzzing around it!  So much so, for the first time ever, I've been waking in the middle of the night to scribble down ideas.  I even jumped out of bed one night around 3am to Google something!  Believe me, this never happens, I'm such a deep sleeper & hate being woken in the night but some things just can't wait until morning!!
First thing this morning I was stood outside the door of Hobbycraft waiting to get in to buy cork boards, blutack& pushpins & yesterday I had a genuine excuse to go to Paperchase to buy new notebooks.  And of course, new pens must be purchased to match said new notebooks!!
So after a manic morning of spreadsheet making, picture printing & more internet research, I've just made a lovely coconut cake for Book Club this evening & am now taking a breather with a cuppa.  Hopefully my head will stop hurting with ideas soon & I can think of something else to make lists about!!
Enjoy your weekend folks!

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