Tuesday, 2 June 2015

MAC ~ Call the Hairdresser!

This is the one & only MAC item I picked up whilst I was in NYC, shocking I know, but it's a goodie!!

MAC Call the Hairdresser! is an lustre finish & is a beautiful pinky coral shade, perfect for summer.  Annoyingly though, I can't find it on the UK site so it must be unique to the States, sorry!!  I'll try & find a dupe & add it on if I find one.

What's your favourite shade of MAC lippy?


  1. I don't own any MAC make up (you can tell I'm not a beauty blogger!). I'm always so envious of your lovely lips! Lynne xx

    1. I really like the MAC lipsticks but tend to balk slightly at the cost of them!! They're more of a treat now & tbh, you can find just as good a product for a lot less money!! x

  2. I'm after Velvet Teddy - I need it! This looks great on you and Lynne's not the only on envious of your lips! ;) xx

  3. That's a really lovely colour & I need something like that for Summer! Andrea x


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