Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring/summer capsule wardrobe for boys

Alfie is getting to that age now where he's starting to enjoy picking out his own clothes & when he chooses an outfit, it doesn't look like a complete mish-mash of things anymore!!  There are some great items in the shops right now so I thought I'd do something a little different & do an outfit post for little dudes, with my own special dude modelling!

I made a set on Polyvore of the sort of basic items I keep in his wardrobe & just add new t-shirts or jeans as & when he needs them.  I tend to stick to shopping in Next, H&M, George at Asda & Fat Face (sale!) as I find the clothes reasonable & they wash really well because let's face it, that matters!   I think he's gone past the dungaree wearing stage now though *sob* but trust me, if I could get him to wear them again, I would as I love seeing kids in dungies!!

The shops are filled with fab destination t-shirts at the moment, which we both love & he's very keen on Hawaiian shirts too (he wants to match his dad!!)  The converse-lookalike hi-tops from H&M are fantastic as not only are they a bargainous £6 a pair, the laces are elastic too as he is waaaaay off being able to do his own laces yet.  He's been wearing these for a couple of years now & I've converted quite a few friends into buying these rather than the real thing!  But the fact I've chosen skinny fit trousers for him is not a 'fashion' thing, it's because he's such a skinnymalink that normal trews just drown him, bless him!!

If you click on the Polyvore link above or on the right, you'll get links to all the pieces on the board but I have to say, George at Asda has some particularly great bits in at the moment for boys, absolutely tons of choice, as does Next.  

Here's the wee man showing off some of his new threads!!

Shirt Sainsbury's A/W 14, similar here
Denim shorts Sainsburys S/S 14, similar here
Blue hi-top sneakers, as before

Rust hoodie, Sainsburys current, similar here
Navy hi-tops, Next A/W 14, similar here

Stripe t-shirt, Primark current, similar here
Skinny jeans, as before
Hi-tops, as before
(Excuse the unfinished porch tiling!!)

I think I have a future Zoolander in the making!!! And do you see what I mean about his super-skinny sparrow legs, bless him!

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post, I know Alfie loved posing ;)


  1. Alfie looks in his element Sarah - a proper model in the making! My own dude is not so wee anymore - they grow so fast, he's taller than me with size 8 feet! x

    1. Ugh, tell me about it - my girls are 16 & 17 but it honestly seems like 2 years ago I was buying tiny pink dresses with frilly knickers for them to wear, lol!! Somebody stop the clock.......! X

  2. Love all the bits above. I actually am enjoying shopping for a boy more than I thought I would. :)
    I've just finished buying my little boys (2 years old) 2-3 years wardrobe and some bits for pre school.
    Next, Asda and Matalan are my go to shops. Generally Asda and Matalan for pieces I'm not too bothered about shrinking and getting messy.lol


    1. I'd already seen your blog post Caroline & thought "ah, great minds!" ;)
      I love buying clothes for little boys after years of buying girls clothing but every now & then, I spot a gorgeous wee dress & feel sad!
      Asda is amazing for kids clothes, such great value. I love Sainsburys too but we only have a small store near us & the boys selection is dire compared to the girls :( x

  3. Your little boy is gorgeous, Sarah. A model in the making! Great picks. Lynne xx

    1. Thanks Lynne, he's a little poser alright! ;) x

  4. Your Alfie is a natural at this modelling lark. I have to pull teeth to make my eldest one stand still long enough to have a photo taken and the youngest is happy to oblige but can't keep still - there are a lot of blurry outtakes and manic faces involved. I actually really enjoy buying clothes for boys - it's a little bit more of a challenge as there isn't as much choice and generally - they are not as fussy as girls (not that I'd know as I don't have one) but unfortunately, I get so many hand me downs, I don't feel I can quite justify splashing out as much as I would like to. Oh well - guess I'll have to buy clothes for me then!

  5. Alfie is so lovely Sarah, love his name too! My son is called Arthur (he's 23 by the way!) when I gave him his name everyone thought I was totally mad to give a baby an old mans name!.... Now it's really popular, and Arthur thinks it's a real cool name to have, but to all his mates he is an Alfie too! Love how you have given him his own little space on your blog.....He is one cool dude! Helen xx


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