Monday, 5 January 2015

Sales stash!

Today is Day 5 of the #mystylephotochallenge on Instagram, which is Sales Stash.  I have posted a picture but I thought I'd talk you through the pieces I've bought!

I have been known *ahem* to go a bit mad in the sales before, just buying anything because it has a really good reduction but I've decided that from now on, I'm going for quality over quantity.  I've bought too much crap in the past that's only lasted 5 minutes so I'm going to replace these pieces with wardrobe essentials that will mix & match with each other.  That's the plan anyway.....

I know a lot of people moan about the Next sales in that they bring out a load of old stock to shift & although there are sometimes some questionable pieces for sale, generally I've always dropped on in their sale.  I had every intention of getting up early this year but yet again, this didn't happen so I didn't get to the store until 11.30am.  I wasn't expecting to find anything so I was pleased to find 3 items that I wanted, all half price!

First off, these denim leggings at £12.  I've got 4 pairs of these now in varying shades of denim & I swear, they are the most comfortable 'jeans' you'll ever wear.  They have a zip fly & waistband so essentially, just look like a pair of skinny jeans but the comfort factor is fab-u-lous!  They're called a legging so as you'd expect, are super stretchy & for me, they fit really well.  The solid black pair are next on my list to get.

I also picked up a v-neck fit & flare knitted dress in the berry shade.  I bought this in black a couple of months ago & it's a great day dress.  I like to wear mine with opaques, denim jacket, oversized scarf & my biker boots.  Then I found a navy long belted cardigan too.  This, I was in two minds whether to keep as I honestly think it would look much better on someone a lot slimmer than myself & it does have a hint of 'dressing gown' about it but, but......the more I tried it, the more it grew on me. Then Hubble pointed out to me that I'd pay £13 or more for a crappy cardigan in Primark so I'm keeping it.  I can see myself wearing this in the spring with a breton top, skinny jeans (see above!) & my Converse.

Next up is a blazer that I've had my eye on for a while in Debenhams.  I tried it on a while back & was surprised that it fitted quite well & would actually fasten over my boobs so when I spotted it half price at £27 & it was the last one my size!.....then I had to have it!  A couple of friends of mine have lovely tweed blazers & always look so classy when they wear them - I'm hoping I'll exude the same air of classiness wearing mine, pfffttt!!!  You can find a similar one here.

The next shop that I always go to the in sale is Gap, but usually to buy my son clothes.  After picking him up some pieces, I spotted a rack of scarves & this super-soft winter white & navy check one just called my name.  It was down to £10 & is ridiculously warm & snuggly, a fabulous buy.  They also had some rain macs down to £24.99 but Hubble was losing the will to live at this point & I didn't want to push it so I left!!  I might pop in tomorrow though & see if they have any left.

Last, but by no means least, I bought these gorgeous boots at the end of November.  They are the Kendra Aviva but are not available in Clarks anymore although there are some on eBay. They fit like a glove & are immensely comfortable due to the extra padding round the balls of your feet & arches.  I danced happily for hours in them & my feet were very happy!

What did everyone else manage to get?


  1. I meant to go and investigate those leggings in Next after you mentioned them in a post last year (seems so odd referring to 2014 as "last year"!) but then I forgot so thanks for the reminder :)

    You were v brave taking your other half to the sales! I went on Boxing Day on my lonesome but actually enjoyed myself, I think my Mr would have hated every second, especially the bit where I had to wait 50 min for the tills in Lush!

    You have found some beauties here!

    Chloe x

    1. We went on Boxing Day too so wee man could spend his Game voucher on my Skylanders - Hubble had to queue for 35 minutes with him, ugh! He's not too bad shopping as long as he has plenty of coffee & cake stops, lol!! X

  2. I do think its so easy to get carried away in the sales, but looks like you have been very good and found some really lovely wearable pieces....I have mad a few purchases, a couple of sweaters and some boots...Oh and a coat too! All quite plain and classic tho, so bought with good intentions.....Keep telling myself!! Happy New Year..... Helen xx

    1. I totally agree which is why I've only bought a few pieces that I know I'll wear! I did spend a fair amount on skincare though, whoops!! 'Tis an essential though ;) x

  3. I'm not a great fan of sales shopping, I tend to buy things for my little boy but not for me. I just can't be bothered with rooting around to find that perfect item (which I never find) so I've given up now. Your buys look fab, Sarah. Lynne xx

  4. Great buys Sarah. Sadly I didn't get to Next or Gap but did pick up a dress in HOF. I'd love to buy more but I am buying a pram for my grandchild and that's £900 without paying for the baby shower! x

  5. I love that scarf Sarah! I've done OK & treated myself to New PJs which were so needed! I also got a great pair of brogues from Clarks & I think bags & shoes are great investments in the sales! A few more bits are winging their way to me so we shall see! x

  6. You did really well Sarah! I've been known to go mad before and buy all sorts of bits I don't need but this year the snow stopped me from going and by the time I went there wan't much left so a blessing really! xx


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