Monday, 17 February 2014

January book club review

We'd not covered an autobiography in over a year so after rounding them down to between this one & Barack Obama, we chose this, Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson.

I have to admit to being a longtime fan of Richard Branson so was looking forward to this read.  I absolutely loved reading about his childhood & school/university days, which of course led to the opening of the first Virgin Records store above a shoe shop!

It's amazing the pure gumption he had in those days (& I strongly suspect nowadays too!) & I loved finding out what key elements of his career were named after - who knew an antique tin sign would become synonymous with an yearly bestselling album?

The first three quarters of this book really gripped my attention but I'm afraid it began to wane towards the end when it became too much about money & the business side of things.  Here I found myself speed-reading & just skimming over the pages as it's a realllly long book but overall, a great read.  I think it just backed up my initial thoughts that he just seems like a really nice bloke!

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